Vextel Systems LLC, is a global provider of IT Products and Services and end-to-end solutions designed to help clients to improve their competitiveness and efficiency. The Company’s portfolio of solutions and services includes system integration, custom application development and IT consulting.

Vextel Systems has an established track record in providing unmatched service in the area of advanced Software and Hardware and business technologies.

Vextel Systems is committed in producing the highest quality results in a cost-efficient and expedientmanner.

Vextel Systems prides itself in maintaining long-term relationships with its clients. The Company relentless in its persistent dedication to retooling its staff so as to always be on the leading edge side of technology.

Vextel Systems offers a wide range of technology services to its customers by providing immediate technical expertise which helps clients to add value to their IT and business projects by optimizing costs and increasing productivity.

Vextel Systems promises its dedication in being totally ethical, cogent and fair in its actions at all times. Our consultants help you achieve your business objectives through the appropriate use and implementation of technology, including:

Network design, implementation, administration and support
Systems integration and conversions
Architecture and technology consulting
Software installation and implementation
Application development and support
Software quality assurance and testing
Data warehousing and analysis
Database design, administration and maintenance
e-Business and Web applications
Help desk support
Operating systems support
Technical writing and documentation
Supply of IT Hardware and Software


Vextel Systems believes our Prospects and Customers are constantly looking for a Qualified, Experienced and Trust worthy Information and Communication Technology Partner, to help them find and employ REAL ICT solutions, suitable to their complex business problems.

Vextel Systems’ management and employees, by constantly improving their Qualification and Experience in this field, putting forth Honesty, Integrity and Hard Work, can win the confidence of the Prospects and Customers.

Vextel Systems Believes that the win-win situation is the only way forward in attaining Goals set out, where Vextel Systems and its Employees are both rewarded by the Success they deserve, and our Customer is rewarded by the satisfaction and peace of mind after investing in ICT solutions delivered by Vextel Systems.

Vextel Systems believes a healthy bottom line is only possible if the Customer’s bottom line is improved.

Vextel Systems believes that it can become number one choice of the Prospects and Customers in the ICT field by offering best of the class products, services and wining Trust and confidence of Customer.


To Develop Vextel Systems as one Brand in Information and Communication Technology Which is Trusted and Honored. To Develop Vextel Systems Into a Company Which is known for its Highest Quality standards in Products, Services and Commitment to Customer satisfaction. To learn new technologies, to adopt new processes, to enhance our standards and to offer our customers the pleasurable business experience they deserve. To Help our employees achieve personal Growth while developing their personal Skills, adding value to their efforts while at work. To Develop Vextel Systems into a power house of state-of-the-art Information and Communication Technologies. To make Vextel Systems number one choice for the employees and customers. To achieve growth for the Company, Employees and Shareholders while maintaining Corporate Social Responsibility.


Vextel Systems will Develop, Procure and Sell only High Quality IT and Telecom Products and Services.
Vextel Systems shall offer Best Business Practices to its Customers.
Vextel Systems shall untiringly work to improve the Processes, Procedures, and Methodologies in Production, Sales, Procurement, Delivery, Commissioning and After Sales Support to improve the quality of experience of its Prospects and Customers.
Vextel Systems shall not compromise Quality over Price. With Fixed and Reasonably Priced Products and Services, Quality shall be maintained.
Vextel Systems Shall collect Feedback from its customers about Quality of Products and Services, to identify improvements